Defining Moments

When James Collins finished his sophomore year of college he had no place to go except his family’s lake house in the small upstate town of Roscoe, New York. His father and younger brother, Ryan, had made it their full-time residence after his father’s construction business went under and their home in the Bronx was foreclosed on. Roscoe was a place James loved to visit while he was growing up, but now, it was the last place he wanted to spend an entire summer. To him, Roscoe had become nothing more than the source of a bad memory that was too painful to revisit. One that left him bitter and looking for answers.

James eventually meets Mackenzie Green. She was the type of girl he never thought he would fall for. Being from the north shore of the lake meant she came from money, something he knew nothing about. Despite the social barrier between them James was drawn to her, and the more time they spent together the stronger their connection with one another became. Through their relationship, and an unexpected tragedy that would change James’ life forever, he ultimately found the answers he was looking for and discovered his place in life.

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